Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Review -- The Uncharted Path: My Journey with Late-Diagnosed Autism

When my own Asperger's diagnosis at age 34 sent me searching for others like me, I found Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg's inspiring, moving and often funny blog, http://www.journeyswithautism.com/. While I am still searching for the words to explain what it feels like to suddenly discover as an adult that I am Autistic, Rachel has found those words and shared them in this very personal book. Rachel provides an inside look at redefining the way we communicate with the neurotypical world and learning to self-advocate. If you're recently diagnosed, or know someone who is, or suspect you are or do -- read this book instead of (or in addition to) the clinical analysis written by the "experts" who have studied Autism rather than living with it.


  1. sounds good. i didn't find out out i had asperger's until my mid-twenties. sure, i always knew i was different from the other kids, but realizing there were others that shared my quirks and sensory issues changed my entire outlook. it's especially difficult for an adult with undiagnosed AS to find info or resources. any media coverage seems to deal with children with autism or how hard it is on their neurotypical parents. hopefully books like this will start opening people's eyes to the fact that autism stays with us after adolescence as well.

  2. btw, when i called an "expert" in richmond, va, he said he had never even treated an adult with asperger's.